Wovidz, Fiziibooiks Are Phishing Websites that Look Like Facebook; Don’t Use Them

March 17, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The websites www.Wovidz .com and www.fiziibooiks .com are designed to trick Facebook users into giving up their usernames and passwords.

Scammers post fake messages with links that sometimes go viral and when users click on them, they are directed to the two above-mentioned websites.

“Woww who posted this video of u Christi? I seen it going around facebook omgg.. Typpe in with-no sppacess—-> www .Wovidz. com,” one of the messages on Facebook reads.

Both websites look like Facebook’s login screen, but the URL is different.

“If you try to sign into these fake Facebook websites by entering your user name and password, it will be sent to the scammers behind these fake websites. With your sign-in information, these people will be able to gain access to your Facebook account,” says a post from Online Threat Alerts.