Road Rage: Woman Rams Car Passing Her on the Shoulder

June 22, 2017 Updated: June 22, 2017

A female Subaru driver in Kent, Wash., was so upset at cars passing her on the shoulder that she rammed into one—three times—according to the Washington State Patrol.

Traffic at the time was backed up for miles on Highway 516. Trooper Rick Johnson, who was on the scene and reported the incident, saw several cars get on the shoulder to try and skip the traffic. 

As a Jeep was driving on the shoulder, the Subaru driver shifted to her right to block the lane. At this point, the Jeep shifted further to the right, at which point he Subaru driver then slammed into the Jeep three times, ending up partially on top of the vehicle.


Trooper Johnson sent over a photo to the Seattle Times, adding, “You’re not going to believe this.”

Both drivers received citations.

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