Withdrawals from Chinese Communist Party Surpass 11 Million

By Gao Dawei, Epoch Times Staff
June 12, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: June 12, 2006 12:00 am

Dr. Gao Dawei, a representative of the Global Quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Service Center, spoke at a rally in Los Angeles on June 10 in support of 11 million withdrawals from the CCP and reported on the latest developments in the withdrawal movement in China. Following is a summary of his speech:

More People Are Awakening Every Day

The Communist regime in China is increasingly afraid of the Nine Commentaries and the movement of quitting the CCP that is surging across the nation. In recent weeks, the regime has gone all out to block the hotlines of the global Quit the CCP Service Center as well as the Web sites—wujie.net and dongtai.net (now restored) that help to facilitate the movement.

The CCP continues to abduct, detain, and illegally sentence those who spread the “Nine Commentaries” and promote withdrawals from the Party, the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers. But the conscience of the public and military is rapidly awakening, and the regime is unable to suppress this movement. The following are some examples that occurred during the communist regime's recent blockade of our Web sites.

◆ Many members within the Communist Party and military officers are following the spread of the “Nine Commentaries” and the withdrawal movement. In recent weeks, they used various means to send messages informing us that our Web sites have been blocked, that our telephone calls and facsimiles could not get through. Some even called us to make suggestions.

◆ A high ranking navy officer [see note] called and insisted on withdrawing from the Communist Party with his real name. He expressed anger towards the regime's tyranny, including removing organs from living people and the information blockage. He encouraged the volunteers in the Service Center to persist with their cause. At the same time, more and more army officers and military appellants have joined the withdrawal movement and have expressed their aspiration for “military nationalization” and the “return of power to the people.”

◆ A high level official in charge of the Communist Party's propaganda in a province in China called the Service Center's 24 hour hotline after receiving our facsimile. He tried earnestly to understand the “Nine Commentaries,” the Party withdrawal, the removal of organs from living people, and the regime's blocking of the Web site. Besides agreeing to resign from Party membership, he made several constructive suggestions and revealed that many high level officials had their own personal “underground channels that enable them to understand the outside world, including Falun Gong and the tide of Party withdrawals.”

◆ A secretary of a high-level central government officer was surprised to receive our facsimile on the Party withdrawal and called the Service Center's hotline to verify. The volunteers in the Service Center advised him to withdraw from the Party and hoped that he would pass the information on to his superior, a decision maker, and get him to withdraw from the Party as well, thus saving himself and the country.

◆ The Quit the Party Service Center in Vancouver uses automatically generated numbers to send information on the “Nine Commentaries” and the withdrawal movement to government officials in a mainland district. It was discovered that the listening rate was over 50 percent higher than telephone calls made to the everyday person. Some recipients even press the key so they can listen to the information several times.

Nearly 60 Percent Are CCP Members

The Global Withdrawal Service Center commissioned the South California Internet Analysis Center to analyze the proportion of Party members among the 11 million withdrawals. The results indicated that about 60 percent of the withdrawals are CCP members. In other words, Party members make up nearly 7 million of the total withdrawals.

According to the actual withdrawals (withdrawing from the Party, the Youth League and Young Pioneers) handled by the Service Center volunteers in China in the past year, of the 11 million withdrawals, the majority of them are adults and Party members who have a good understanding of the regime's evil essence and past political movements.

That is to say, in the past one and half years, nearly one tenth of the Party members, including many high level government and military officers, have withdrawn from the CCP. This indicates that the regime is on the brink of disintegration. We certainly hope that compatriots in China will seize the opportunity to join the tide of withdrawals.

For further details and information, please contact the withdrawal Service Center.

Note: Name removed for protection.