WikiLeaks Names One-Time Spokesman as Editor-in-Chief

September 28, 2018 Updated: September 28, 2018

LONDON—WikiLeaks on Sept. 26 named one-time spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson as its new editor-in-chief. The ramifications of the move are unclear.

The organization was founded and has been led for more than a decade by Julian Assange, the 47-year-old ex-hacker. But the silver-haired Australian has been isolated for years at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.

WikiLeaks tweeted that Assange will stay on as the group’s “publisher.” Assange had his communications cut in March by Ecuador’s new president, and the Sept. 26 statement said he remained “incommunicado.”

WikiLeaks’ job titles have proven fluid over the years. Assange has variously described himself as the group’s spokesman, publisher, and editor.

Hrafnsson told The Associated Press that it “remains to be seen” whether the change in responsibility would be permanent or temporary.

He hung up when asked further questions Sept. 26, saying he was busy cooking dinner.

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