Why Email Marketing is Important for Business

December 18, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

The emergence of email 43 years ago has changeda lot of things

That first email message paved the way for a totally new way of communication between family, friends and colleagues. It wasn’t too long however before more sophisticated and user-friendly methods were found which allowed online users to communicate even more effectively like for instance by using social media like Facebook and Twitter and other social media entities. This has removed some of the primary focus which was placed in emails. Does this however mean that email no longer has a place within the business environment and that it no longer are effective as a communication system or as a marketing tool? There can be no doubt that the simplicity and the ease of use which are provided to online users by social media are something which is drawing a tremendous amount of support. The truth is that there are literally millions of people who are still making effective use of the email system as a marketing tool and as a way of communication.

The statistics speak for themselves

91% of consumers receive emails on a daily basis and are checking their emails each and every day. This makes emails a critical consideration in the marketing plan of any serious business or corporation. Most of your business associates, friends and colleagues could be effectively reached through the use of email. This provides the consumer with excellent lead generating possibilities which could significantly enhance the opportunity to generate new business opportunities. Without effective email usage amazing opportunities will be forfeited which will convert to losses of thousands of dollars each week and when this becomes an ongoing phenomena that amount can escalate substantially. No sensible business owner should allow this to happen to his business because this will allow the competition to gain a substantial advantage over that business.

Every single business is in a literal struggle for survival

Emerging technologies are making a huge difference in the effectiveness of business operations and it is those that are making use of the newest technologies and strategies which are often able to gain the best advantage in the business environment. This is why every business has to make full use of each and every opportunity that comes their way and one of the primary ways in which to remain informed about fluctuations in the business environment is through the use of email since this is keeping them in contact with business partners and others who are critically involved in the industry.

Effective email management is critical

One of the simplest and the most effective ways in which to remain in touch with the convictions and preferences of your customers is through the use of Email Marketing Software. Therefore the reality is that those businesses that are moving away from the old email system are making a serious mistake which will impact very negatively upon the profitability of that business. It should be clear that regardless of the advances of social media and other communication models that email system will continue to be a reliable tool in the hands of the business owner.