When You Combine a Motorbike With a Tractor, You Get a BRUTAL Monsterbike

April 11, 2019 Updated: April 11, 2019

Now here’s something you don’t see every day. Have you ever wondered what a motorbike would look like if someone combined it with a tractor? No? Well, the men in this video did. They’ve created motoring monsters; bikes with rear wheels with huge treads.

While the front of these bikes look completely normal, the seat is lower than a normal motorcycle and then the bodywork rises sharply, leaving room for the huge wheel, about the size of a tractor’s front wheel.

Tractors are notoriously slow. If you see one up ahead when you’re driving on a busy road it always causes you to groan – you’re going to be stuck behind it forever. You’d think that a motorbike inspired by farmyard machinery would be equally slow, but boy would you be wrong.

These men have their bike-tractor hybrids on a dirt drag racetrack and roll them carefully to the starting line. They wait for the go ahead and then go full throttle. When you see this your jaw will drop. They go like bullets and look just as dangerous.

The first bike we see in the video has too much power and zigzags precariously down the drag strip. The moment that power propels the bikes forward huge amounts of dirt get thrown up everywhere. From there, the video only gets crazier, with the rider’s legs flailing in the air and bikes doing wheelies.

The bikes have beautiful custom bodywork and paint jobs and are louder than chainsaws. The people who made them obviously take a lot of pride in them, and the fact that they are at a drag racing event means that there’s a niche of these crazy people out there in the world! It’s very impressive!

Watch the video to see these incredible bikes drag race!

Video Credit: storyful