What’s Important in a Labeling Machine?


After careful deliberation, you have made the decision to arm your business with a labeling machine. Perhaps it’s been way too time-consuming for your employees to live out their days manually applying labels to containers. Or maybe you’re looking for an upgrade, since your current labeling machine just can’t handle the needs of your business. The next question in your mind, then, probably becomes this: what should I look for in a labeling machine? For some of us, after all, venturing into the world of labeling machines is a bit like wandering into a field of tangled thickets. Since there are different labeling machines out there for you to choose from, you need a simple strategy that allows you to narrow your focus.

Without further ado: here’s what you should consider before purchasing any given labeling machine.

Cost. This one heads the list because ultimately your budget will determine what you can – and can’t – get. The budget you have, then, acts as the first filter that will weed out the labeling machines that aren’t suitable for your particular situation.

The remaining points come in no particular order – just keep these in mind when on the hunt for a great labeling machine.

Type of labeling machine. Are your containers pretty standard, or do they have unusual contours that would be best handled by a custom labeling machine? To guarantee that the best possible labeling job is done, you’ll need a machine that is the right match for the shape and texture of your containers. For the best way to make a decision, ask a company like Universal Labeling Systems.

Speed. If your business will consistently have a large volume of containers that have to be quickly labeled, the speed of the labeling machine is going to be important. This should be one of the first things you check out about a labeling machine you’re considering.

Reliability. What’s the quality of the machine’s performance when it comes to labeling your containers? Will it likely produce a few wrinkles and air bubbles in the label or has it been designed to prevent this? How often will you have to spend capital on maintaining the machine?

Size. A behemoth of a machine isn’t the most appropriate in a cramped working space. Take a look at how much floor space a labeling machine will take up to ensure that the machine won’t significantly disrupt the operations of your business.

Operating environment. Consider where the labeling machine will perform its work. Some labeling machines, for instance, don’t do so well at temperatures well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Others do, so understanding the operating environment you’re putting the machine in is crucial.

How much manual work is involved? Some labeling machines require a definite human presence, with much of the work being carried out manually. Ask yourself, then, this: how easy is it to load the machine with the labels and containers? Is this a smooth operation or could it be a slight hassle?

These points above are vital to getting the right labeling machine. It’s not particularly difficult once you know exactly what the labeling machine’s specifications, characteristics, and peculiarities are. Have fun with your quest!