Watch: Chinese Deliveryman Rips Open Metal Grating to Save Woman From Fire

February 18, 2016 Updated: February 18, 2016

A 50-second video showing a deliveryman in central China rescuing a woman from a burning third-story apartment has emerged on social media.

(Chinese Internet via Peng Pai)
(Chinese Internet via Peng Pai)

On Feb. 14, in Hubei Province, deliveryman and former military policeman Zhang Yang noticed the woman trying to escape the inferno by way of window. Unfortunately, metal anti-theft caging solidly obstructed her path.

Zhang, who was arranging packages on the street below, immediately laid his business aside and scaled the building to save her.

In the video, Zhang can be seen clinging to the grating and trying to force it open. After about half a minute, he notices a small door on the side of the cage and eventually bashes it in using his elbow.

After getting the cage open, Zhang pulled the woman out. His colleagues brought a ladder and both reached the ground safely.

(Chinese Internet)
(Chinese Internet via Peng Pai)

“It was very dangerous, thankfully that deliveryman was there,” said Ms. Sun, the woman in the apartment. “I thank him very much!”

The rescue took about ten minutes. Zhang had to take half a day off work to recover from fatigue and dizziness from smoke inhalation.