WATCH: Car Flies Into the Air as Audi R8 Supercar Rams It, Injuring a Child

January 2, 2018 Updated: January 2, 2018

Chilling footage has emerged of a sports car ramming a parked station wagon with three kids inside on New Year’s Eve, sending the vehicle flying into the air and injuring one of the children, the Sun reported.

Epoch Times Photo
Caught on camera: a yellow Audi R8 rams the parked, black station wagon, which is launched into the air. (YouTube / OM PROD)

The black family vehicle, believed to be a Nissan, is shown in the video parked on a double yellow line on Thornton Road in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK.

An out-of-control yellow Audi R8 then enters the frame, slamming into the Nissan and launching it into the air.

As the R8 spins sideways and across the median, the Nissan slams back into the road.

Epoch Times Photo
The force of the impact sends the black station wagon flying into the air. (YouTube / OM PROD)

The sports car comes to a halt on the opposite lane, while the station wagon comes to a rest partly on a sidewalk.

Epoch Times Photo
The Audi ends up in the opposing lane, while the Nissan lands partly on the pavement. (YouTube / OM PROD)

The footage ends with an individual opening the door of the station wagon and starting to get out.

The person then proceeded to “tell off the wayward driver”, according to the Sun.

An ambulance arrived at the scene and provided medical attention to those involved in the crash.

“Three children needed to be checked over at the scene. One child needed hospital treatment and was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary,” a spokesman for Yorkshire Ambulance Service told the Sun reporters.

Both cars were damaged in the incident. The Audi R8, with a price tag of about $150,000, had an entire panel ripped off and seemed to be more badly damaged.

Epoch Times Photo
The damage to the yellow Audi, as photographed by passersby and posted on “Spotted Bradford 1 UK”. (Screenshots via Facebook / Spotted Bradford 1 UK)

This footage posted on the Spotted Bradford 1 UK Facebook page, shows the extensive damage to the Audi.


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