Was Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly Sent to Psychiatric Ward? No, It’s a Hoax

December 22, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

The “Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly Admitted into Psychiatric Ward” article has been liked over 12,000 times on Facebook, and spread across the Internet.

But it’s not real.

The website where it was published, Newslo, is one of an increasing number of fake news websites, similar to the Onion.

The story purports that because Kelly insisted that Santa Clause is white and should never be depicted as another race, doctors examined the anchor and said she is suffering from “bizarre delusions” and “obsessiveness.”

The part about Kelly insisting Santa Claus is white is true, but the part about her being admitted into a psychiatric ward is false.

The fake nature of the article is pointed to in the last paragraph, where a Fox News producer purportedly says that Kelly’s “insane ideas” were what made her an effective host. 

“It’ll be tough filling her shoes while she’s gone,” said one producer, “and let’s hope the doctors don’t heal her too well. We’d hate to see her leave cable news for good.”

Keep an eye out for Newslo articles, which are overall fake even though they incorporate real life events.

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