Walking Dead Season 5: Where is Beth? She’s Alive, Will Likely Appear by Episode 4

October 19, 2014 Updated: October 19, 2014

Walking Dead season 5, episode 2 was set to air on Sunday night and fans are wondering about the location of Beth.

Maggie’s younger sister is the only part of the group that hasn’t been reunited with the others, but it appears that for now Emily Kinney’s character will not appear in the show.

Spoilers indicate that Beth–and Morgan–don’t appear in episode 2.

However, Daryl is trying hard to find her. Her and Carol are outside when a car with the same marking as the one that took Beth speeds past them, according to a episode description. They hop in a nearby car they found earlier and give chase.

There was some speculation that Beth dies sometime early in the season because Kinney wasn’t spotted filming for quite a while, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

The season 5 Comic-Con trailer (starts at 2:39) revealed that Beth is in some type of compound, which is partially a hospital. She is in a conversation with a woman dressed as a police officer, who is not very kind.

Another scene shows Beth off on her own in the hospital, staring down an elevator shaft. Another shows her helping to perform emergency surgery on some unknown person. Yet another shows her running outside.

Both Beth and Morgan are expected to appear again soon, perhaps as early as episode 3. At least one episode this season is expected to be fully or almost fully devoted to catching up with Beth.

It could be episode 4, which is titled “Slabtown.” The description says: “Things appear safe and nice, but there is a bit of a dark side for another group of survivors.”

Kinney told Refinery 29 that the season has been tough to film but also fulfilling.

“This season has been really tough on me physically and emotionally,” she said.

“It was super satisfying, and really fueled me creatively, but I would say, on a personal level, it has taken something from me.”

Executive Gale Ann Hurd gave some insight to fans in a reecent Q & A on Reddit.

“I think you’ll be amazed by Beth’s journey this season, and the challenges she’s going to face,”she said, before explaining that the time spent with Daryl in season four has likely prepared her for the challenges she will face.

“She’s had to grow up so quickly, and I think Daryl really helped her along that path, don’t you?” 


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