Viral: Man Uses His SUV to Attempt Tree Stump Removal, With Hilarious Results

August 28, 2019 Updated: August 28, 2019

An SUV driver had the brilliant idea to try and remove a tree stump the old-fashioned way.

In proving the adage, “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should,” the driver, “Paul,” tied a rope to the stump and then fastened it to the back of his vehicle.

Then, he stepped on the gas.

The stump is then forcibly removed from the ground before it springs up and smashes the car. says that front and rear windshields are the most expensive to replace, averaging $300. Tree removal service can run from $150 to $200, which means that the uploader likely didn’t save any money at all via the stunt.

But at least he got a nifty viral video.

One commenter chimed in: “This is just a glimpse of whats to come if people keep taking vertical video. We are all doomed.”

“As soon as I saw it was a vertical video I knew stupidity would follow,” said a second.

Wrote one, “Just say no to drugs.”

One person said, “That stump must [have] been cut 75% through already for it to snap off like that.” The original uploader, “Big Daddy,” responded with “correct.”

DIY Hack to Get Unstuck from Mud

A trick that country folk have used for decades might not be known by everyone.

The person places a piece of wood over the tire and tied it to the wheel.

Then the driver is able to use the stick to gain more traction while traveling on the mud.

The YouTuber then recommends to “just keep a wooden plank in the back” of the bed.

However, the method may not work for every car, truck, or vehicle. Try it at your own risk.

Some people praised the user: “Because of this video I was not stuck in the woods all night while my husband was beaver trapping/hunting. It had rained and our trail washed out while we were in the woods. Instead of having to stay the night, I pulled this up and we were out in an hour.”

Added another, “This is fantastic. It worked like a charm. I used a piece of 2×4 and fastened it with a nylon strap with a plastic buckle. I figured the buckle would give way but it didn’t. THANK YOU!!!”

A third continued, “Thank you for this video. This is very helpful. Very simple and yet it works so well. Thank you again.”

Another issued a warning, saying, “First make sure there is plenty of clearance between tyre and things like suspension arms /brake lines in the inside. Example – my car has only 15mm and has to have OEM snow chains that are held in place by special tread plates. The setup shown would take out the brake lines AND yes, it’s a 4WD!! Otherwise not knocking this great get-you-home idea.”