Viola Organista: DaVinci’s Design Built Centuries Later by Slawomir Zubrzycki (+Video)

November 21, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Leonardo DaVinci designed an instrument he never built, but Polish instrument-maker Slawomir Zubrzycki painstakingly resurrected DaVinci’s vision.

Working from the sketches left by the 15th century artist and inventor, Zubrzycki built the viola organista—similar to three known instruments, as Zubrzycki explained to AFP: “This instrument has the characteristics of three we know: the harpsichord, the organ and the viola da gamba.’’

Zubrzycki debuted the instrument at the Academy of Music in Krakow this week, and the video of his performance has gained considerable attention online. Here it is: