Videos of the Day: Tijuana Declares Humanitarian Crisis

By Epoch Newsroom
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November 23, 2018 Updated: November 23, 2018

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After several days of being overwhelmed by thousands of migrants pouring into their city, officials in Tijuana have declared a humanitarian crisis and asked for international help.

There were already some 6,000 migrants in the Mexican border city on Nov. 19, and thousands more have arrived since then. “We are worried that we will lose control,” Tijuana Police Chief Mario Martinez told The Epoch Times.

Three days later, Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum declared a crisis during a press conference and asked for international groups to step in to help the city deal with the influx of migrants.

Gastelum said assistance is critical as the Mexican federal government ignores the issue.

“They have categorically omitted and not complied with their legal obligations,” he said, reported the Arizona Republic. “So we’re now asking them and international humanitarian aid groups to bring in and carry out humanitarian assistance.”

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Black Friday Deals Kicks Shopping Into High Gear

Black Friday is here, and with it, all of the discounts.

Although Black Friday door-busters aren’t what they used to be—with early discounts, online offers, and retailers opening doors as early as Thanksgiving day—it’s still critical to retailers.

This year, retailers are optimistic.

“People are feeling good about the economy, unemployment is low, wages are strong, and that’s translating into greater willingness to spend around events like the holiday season,” said Katherine Cullen of the National Retail Federation.

The National Retail Federation estimates holiday sales will increase between 4.3- 4.8 percent over last year, and could reach more than $720 billion.

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This Trending Christmas-Themed Short Film Might Make You Cry

A Christmas-themed short film has gone viral, with some viewers claiming it beats every John Lewis ad from the past few years.

Phil Beastall, a filmmaker, shared the short film on Nov. 18, after John Lewis released the 2018 advert starring Elton John.

His short film, titled “Love is a Gift,” shows the story of a man ticking off the days till Christmas, seemingly in anticipation of the festivities and gifts. Instead, he opens up a cassette box, and listens to the last tape—his mother’s final Christmas message from beyond the grave.

By this point in the short film, most people are reaching for their tissues.

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London Zoo Illuminated With Animal Sculptures for Christmas

ZSL London Zoo is getting ready for Christmas by having new kind of “creatures.”

“Creatures” that is more visible in the dark, made of fairy lights.

Don’t worry, the newcomers will not disturb the old inhabitants.

With the fairy light sculptures of animals, such as giraffes, penguins, and flamingos, illuminating the park, visitors can take this opportunity to glimpse the nocturnal animals.

“We wanted to be able to do something that would enable the magic of Christmas to come alive in the zoo and be able to have people enjoying the zoo in a whole different way that they’ve never experienced before,” says England.

Christmas at London Zoo runs until Jan. 1, 2019.

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First Trailer Just Released for New Lion King Movie

Disney released the trailer for its new “The Lion King” movie on Nov. 22.

It’s a remake of the beloved 1994 animated film “The Lion King.”

The film features James Earl Jones who will again be the voice of Mufasa, as in the 1994 original.

Other stars lending their voices to the new movie include Donald Glover, Beyonce, Seth Rogen, and John Oliver.

The new version of “The Lion King” will hit U.S. theaters next July.