Video Shows Pita Pit Employee Spitting in Food in Front of Customers

March 26, 2018 Updated: April 10, 2018

An employee at a Pita Pit in Missoula, Montana, spit in a pita pocket she was making for a customer as others watched and recorded on cellphone video.

ShaeLynn MadPlume uploaded the video to Facebook on March 24. It already has 392,000 views, 6,100 shares, and 2,600 likes. She indicates in the post that she was there with Tyanna Bostwick and Danisha Smith.

“Just a few customers trying to give them business!!! PITA PIT (downtown Missoula doesn’t close until 3am)…we come in at approximately 2:00 am trying to order food and this racist woman spit in our food because apparently “she was having a bad day and didn’t wanna be at work!”…….mind you, she argues with us a few seconds before we were actually able to capture this on video!! (PITA PIT, downtown MISSOULA, MT) FEEL FREE TO SHARE!!!!!!!!!!!,” wrote MadPlume in the post.

The owners posted a lengthy response to the video on the Pita Pit Missoula Facebook page, hoping to salvage the shop’s reputation. They said they tried to reach MadPlume via Facebook messenger but couldn’t.

“My name is Nancy. My husband and I have owned Pita Pit Missoula for over 14 years. I have seen your Facebook post and I am mortified that this happened to you and your friends in our establishment,” one of the owners wrote in the post. “If my husband and I could take back what happened, we would. That is not possible. In this moment of shock and heaviness, we want to offer you, your friends, and the Missoula community our sincerest apology.”

Both MadPlume and Bostwick shared the full response on their Facebook pages.

Some people commenting on the video wonder what happened before the girls started recording and if there really was any racism involved, as the MadPlume wrote in the post. The three girls appear to be Native Americans, judging by the conversation of locals commenting on the post and the content of other posts the girls have made to their pages.


Credit: Tyanna Bostwick via ViralHog via Storyful


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