Video of Driver Hitting Cyclist Prompts Call for ‘Truce on the Roads’

By James Burke
James Burke
James Burke
January 10, 2018 Updated: January 10, 2018

A video of a car driver crashing into a cyclist in Brisbane has highlighted tensions over road use in Australia.

Cyclist Geoffrey James was riding his bike when he was hit from behind by a driver blinded by the morning sun.

A video camera that James had on his bike captured the moment and the aftermath.

Having fallen off his bike, the 36-year-old called for someone to phone the ambulance and police. The driver exits his car and apologizes and then tells James that he will pay him money. The driver also appears more worried about being late for work.

The cyclist was back on the road riding a new bike the next day.

The video was released to a media outlet by Bicycle Queensland who claim that tensions on the roads between drivers and cyclists are on the rise.

“Most of them [cyclists] tell me they are scared of traffic,” Bicycle Queensland CEO Anne Savage told 7 News. “Some of them are terrified.”

“What we’re calling for is just a truce on our roads,” she said.

Going by anti-cyclist comments on social media, Savage appears to have a point.

“If cyclists want an opinion and some respect on the road, they should pay registration and insurance, sit a test about common road rules. Then they can get rego plates. Until then don’t bother arguing, your voice is invalid,” said one Facebook user.

Another person pointed out the dangers of riding a bicycle on the road and referenced the video.

“This guy was lucky. At least he’s still breathing. Bikes have the same rights as cars on the road but you don’t have to be Einstein to know who will come off second best every time regardless of who’s to blame,” said the man.

One woman stood up for cyclists.

“To anyone saying cyclists don’t have a right to be on the road, wake up and realize they do! If drivers got off their phones, slowed down and drove to conditions everyone would be safer on the road. Bike users are allowed to ride in the lane the same as a bike and this driver of the car was 110 percent in the wrong and should be held accountable. What if there was a kid crossing at the cross walk and this driver did the same thing. Would people be automatically blaming the kid crossing! No. Stop victim blaming and start taking responsibility for your actions!” she said.

Another blamed a range of issues.

“I get that people want to ride their bikes but in all honesty are our roads good enough to cater for it? I have come across riders three and four abreast talking – not a good feeling when you come around the corner and are confronted with that so it’s not just a motorist always at fault. Bit of respect goes both ways,” that person said.



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