Video: Nick Offerman Gives Stephen Colbert the Perfect Gift

April 5, 2016 Updated: April 5, 2016

Nick Offerman—actor, comedian, and carpenter—gave Stephen Colbert a wonderful handmade gift on “The Late Show.”

While sitting in the guest’s chair, Offerman found he had nowhere to place his Late Show mug. Colbert insists that the show has been meaning to get a coffee table for the guests.

Seeing the wonderful coincidence, Offerman hurrily leaves his chair, returning to center stage with his yet “unfinished” work: a beautiful three-legged handcrafted wooden table. “That’s California myrtle,” notes Offerman, with “Eastern black walnut legs.” 

Offerman rose to fame when his portrayal of Ron Swanson on “Parks and Recreation” captured hearts across the nation and across the internet. 

That’s California myrtle, with Eastern black walnut legs.
— Nick Offerman, actor, Offerman Woodshop

The 45-year-old Illinois native has been woodworking since his college days, when he made theatre scenery in the University of Illinois’s scene shop. 

Offerman now owns and runs a carpentry shop of his own in East Los Angeles. At the Offerman Woodshop, woodworkers “focus on hand-crafted, traditional joinery, and sustainable slab rescue.” Using wood sourced from local fallen trees, the team of ten design and make everything “from refined modern designs to enormous Middle-Earth masterpieces.” 

“We build it all,” says the shop’s website, “while smiling a lot.”