Video: Man Stops Driver, Does the Splits on the Wet Pavement

May 2, 2016 Updated: May 2, 2016

A driver in Belarus captured a bizarre incident on his dashboard camera on a dark, rainy day.

As he’s traveling down an alley in a urban village near the capital of Minsk, a man wearing a raincoat stops him, as he is standing in the middle of the street.

His arms are spread out and has a newspaper in one of his hands. The driver then backs up his vehicle a few feet.



The man then makes the “one moment please” sign with his hand before he bends over.

After that, he spreads out his legs and does the splits on the wet asphalt. He then uses his arms to move up and down while he’s still in the splits position.

The driver steers around him, without incident.


The clip was posted on YouTube several days ago, with the uploader speculating that the contortionist was drunk.

“Judging by the behavior, we can assume that he was drunk,” he wrote, adding (sic): “The driver did not inspect the ‘circus’ and hurried to leave.”


In the comments section, others suspected as much.

“The man probably trained for a long time and now no one wants to share his joy,” one person joked, reported The Mirror.

“The driver was right to leave—it could have been a red herring to steal the car. Around the corner there could have easily been accomplices waiting,” said another commenter.