VCD of Nine Commentaries in High Demand in China's Coastal Cities

October 19, 2005 12:00 am Last Updated: October 19, 2005 12:00 am

CHINA – Near the end of last year, The Epoch Times published the editorial series, Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. New Tang Dynasty TV (NTDTV) put the contents on a VCD that has become a best seller in China's coastal cities. In an interview for NTDTV, Mr. Li, a resident of a coastal city of mainland China, spoke about the widespread interest in getting a copy of the VCD in his area.

Mr. Li: "The Nine Commentaries TV series is excellent! Many people like it. So many people want to have a look at the TV series that the demand exceeds the supply, and people are making copies of the VCD. In the past we only needed to spend two to three yuan to copy a normal VCD. Now we spend dozens of yuan to copy this VCD. Many people ask for the VCD, and there is just not enough time to make copies. I have watched the program dozens of times. It took me over ten hours. After watching it, I recommended it to many people. The Nine Commentaries is very good!"

Mr. Li said that many people in his area watch NTDTV programs. However, for obvious safety reasons, many keep quiet about it. Surprisingly, he got to know about NTDTV through the local city government. He explained, "The Communist Party has a "Cult Office." During the time of the Chinese New Year, the office posted a notice warning people that NTDTV, located in the U.S, was anti-Chinese. The office said that residents should not watch the TV station and that whoever knows someone who watches the station should report them to the office as soon as possible and get a reward. Without this notice, the local people would not have known about NTDTV."

According to Mr. Li, the Communist Party is exactly as the Nine Commentaries describes. Now people realize that appealing can't solve their problems. Mr. Li had tried that route when he suffered retaliation from his work unit leader because he reported corruption in the unit to a high level authority. He lost his job. When he went to Beijing to appeal, not only was his complaint not solved, but he was also beaten by police in the appeals office.

People have also come to realize that the media in China will not give them a voice. Mr. Li wants overseas media to help by letting the international society know about the injustices they are suffering.