Vampire Diaries Season 6 Spoilers: Will Damon Come Back as a Human? Vicki to Reappear?

The Vampire Diaries season 5 left many fans talking about what could happen next, particularly with Damon and Bonnie.

Both are confirmed to come back by show producers, but in what context is still unclear.

One new speculation is that Damon could come back as a human.

“Grams claimed that she had made some sort of deal so that Bonnie would not lose her life in the collapse of the Other Side, and we think Damon piggybacked on that loophole, but what does that even mean?” said Wetpaint.

The site pointed out that Vampire Diaries producers planned at one point to have Damon be the one who took the vampirism cure, but changed their mind in part because many fans were predicting that it would be Damon that took the cure. Now might be the perfect time to give the plan a go.

Another indication that Damon could be a human is how the producers are terming season 6 as a reset, where “everybody gets to start over.”

Additionally, the human thing would be an interesting path for Damon.

“It’s no secret that we had some qualms with the inconsistent direction of Damon’s character in Season 5. It felt a bit like TVD didn’t know what to do with him, so they recycled an earlier storyline (in this case, Damon’s serial killing) for dramatic value,” Wetpaint said.

“Unfortunately, it didn’t really fit into Damon’s arc as a character — at least in our opinions. Watching Damon struggle (or not) to accept his newfound humanity would be super interesting. Heck, it made Katherine’s character the most consistently relatable she had ever been. Damon’s character could use some of that relatability given some of his choices in the last season.”

Meanwhile, Kayla Ewell–whose character Vicki Donovan was killed off in season 1, but has appeared throughout the show afterward–gave insight into how the cast is thinking heading into season 6.

“I think everyone’s really grateful because, in a show like this, you never know,” Kayla told PopSugarof the TVD cast’s outlook heading into the show’s sixth season.

“You can die or they can cancel the show at any moment, so you know it’s just one of those things where we’re still just enjoying each moment as it comes and it’s such a close-knit cast, you know, everyone’s in their 20s and 30s. Everyone’s truly friends, so it’s really been quite a cool experience.”

Vicki appears to be gone for good after what happened to her in season 5 but she could still come back.

“Isn’t it crazy? I mean you think on that show once you’re dead, then you’re dead, but it’s so not true. It’s kind of crazy. You just never know. And that’s the thing about a supernatural show: things can happen. Anything can happen, which I think that’s why the fans continue to watch after so many years and I think we have the best fans.”

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