Used Vision Equipment Offers Substantial Savings

By Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson
Adam Simpson
December 21, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Buying reconditioned equipment for vision care is a great option and can result in significant savings without compromising quality or service. Maybe you are the person in charge of procuring equipment for a non-profit low vision clinic or a newly graduated optometrist opening your first practice on a budget, or perhaps you are just a cost conscious eye care professional who doesn’t necessarily want to buy the costliest equipment available. Whatever your situation, you’ll be able to afford more equipment or save money on the basics without compromising quality or performance when you buy equipment that has been thoroughly examined and then restored to factory condition when you purchase reconditioned equipment. Patient fees can be kept lower with reconditioned equipment.

Your patients will not know the difference between new and reconditioned equipment. They will appreciate the lower fees for the same service when your practice lives in a sensible house.

Leasing equipment is also an option. Whether leasing or purchasing equipment set up and training are available for all products.

A Wide Range of Choices

Many items available new for eye care are also available as like new reconditioned products. Some of the items available include surgical tools and equipment, lenses, diagnostic equipment and classic equipment such as phoropters and keratometers.

All Products Come With a Six Month Warranty

With a six month warranty period, any potential undetected issues with a product will be promptly and professionally addressed. With a 25 year successful track record, experienced resellers select only the best items to restore to like new condition, passing the great savings along to you.

Key Services Are Available To Help Maintain Your Investment

Whether you buy equipment that is new or reconditioned, the equipment used in vision care is expensive and it needs professional routine maintenance and occasionally repairs. Fully trained, certified technicians are always available to clean and calibrate your phoropters and a free loaner is provided while work is being completed. For other items, service is available at your location, so there is no need to be without your equipment or have to deal with shipping it back.

If your facility moves services to move your equipment and set it up professionally in your new location are always available.

Current Inventory

Check back often to see what is available. The quantity of each item in stock is always listed. MasterCard and Visa credit cards are accepted for any product or service purchase. View photos of all items in stock. All product photos can be enlarged to view details. Satisfaction with both purchased and leased products is guaranteed. Return any item that doesn’t meet your expectations for a full refund.

Value and Smart Buying

One additional advantage in buying reconditioned equipment is that you can end up saving enough on the best equipment available in order to avoid the lower end or off name brands. Your patients won’t know or care if you have brand new equipment but they will notice if they get great results when you provide them vision services!

Adam Simpson