Penguins Sound Like Party Horns (and 7 Other Surprising Sounds)

By Margaret Wollensak
Margaret Wollensak
Margaret Wollensak
June 12, 2014 Updated: June 12, 2014

Animals of all shapes and sizes use their own calls, whistles, and noises to communicate with each other. While we tend to associate a single sound with a particular animal, every animal produces a multitude of sounds that we could not even imagine. Here are 8 animal sounds you probably did not expect:


1. Otter

Otters are typically water-dwelling animals with a splendid water-repellent fur that keeps them insulated. But in this case they resemble meerkats…


2. Eagle

Most people are familiar with the typical Hollywood shriek of an eagle but this is what they sound like when calling to each other…


3. Peacock

So THIS is what a peacock sounds like…


4. Seal

Forget screaming goats…seals are LOUD. And they yell a lot.


5. Owl

While many people associate owls with a hooting or screeching sound, they are also capable of many other noises. Like the Eastern screech owl, which sounds like an alien spaceship landing…


6. Cheetah

According to this video’s description, a cheetah’s calls are higher pitched so that they don’t attract predators, like their bigger cousin the lion…


7. Penguins

Like one comment says: all they’re missing are the little party hats.


8. Kakapo

The kakapo is a large flightless parrot native to New Zealand whose mating calls sound like lightsabers.

Margaret Wollensak