UFOs Reported in Northeastern China

September 30, 2005 12:00 am Last Updated: August 30, 2015 9:01 pm

At about 6:30 p.m. Sept. 25 the News Hotline in Changchun, a city of northeastern Chinese province of Jilin, received dozens of calls from people reporting that they had seen unidentified flying objects in the night sky of the city. UFOs were reported in the cities of Gongzhuling, Tonghua and Wangqing as well as Changchun in Jilin province, the Changchun Evening News, a local newspaper, reported. UFOs were also reported in Heilongjiang and Liaoning, also provinces of northeastern China.

A White Trail of Light at Tail

Hanging up the phone, journalists from the Changchun Evening News rushed outside the office and saw a UFO themselves. The UFO, the size of a human hand and giving out a soft white light, had a white trail of light at its tail, formed, it seems, as it was circling in the sky. Many teachers and students at the Changchun University of Technology also saw UFOs. A student, whose family name is Li, said that he spotted a UFO in the sky at about 6:30 p.m. in front of the entrance of the school stadium. The UFO, under which there seemed to be a column of light coming slowly toward the Earth, disappeared a few minutes later, the student said.

Smoking UFO Resembles an Exploding Airplane

DYXW.com quoted Zhou Wenli, who first reported seeing a UFO, as saying, “At 6:30, as I was lying on my car seat listening to radio, a dot of light suddenly appeared in front of my eyes. Outside my car, I saw an object of light in the shape of a sole moving slowly but constantly in a circle in the sky. I looked hard and found that it was round, with clouds and mist around it. But I was certain it was not an airplane.”

At about the same time, a Mr. Wang, also from Changchun, spotted a UFO while at the crossing between Linhe Street and Anle Avenue. He said the flying saucer, round in shape, had a small, pointed tip and constantly emitted smoke, like an airplane that had been hit and exploding in flames. It was spinning and spinning as it was falling, Mr. Wang said. Later, the flying saucer was seen near a flea market at Nanhu Boulevard, Changchun. Mr. Jiang, who lives there, spotted it and said, “It was round in shape, and giving out smoke. It was slowly falling toward the west. And the time was 6:36.”

The Man Who Snapped a Shot of UFO

Close to 7 p.m., Zhao Hui, a photographer at Dongfang Film Developer at the intersection between Xi&#039an Boulevard and Huayuan Street, was about to leave his office when he noticed that a few people at a grocery store nearby were looking up at the sky. Curious, he looked up and saw what others saw. “A white object of light was right above my head. The object, its tail in the shape of a broom, was moving westward, at a speed not too fast,” Zhao said. “I realized it must be what people call the &#039flying saucer.&#039 So I rushed back to my office to get my camera, and snapped a shot of it.”

UFOs reported in all Three Northeastern Provinces

Not just Jinlin, but all three northeastern provinces have UFO witnesses. At about 6:35, Mr. Liu of Dandong city, Liaoning province, saw a comet-like flying object in the northeast sky. At about 6:30, many people in Shenyang, also a city in Liaoning, spotted unidentified flying objects west of north in the sky. All witnesses were sure what they saw were not airplanes. At about 6:30, a couple in Heilongjiang province, while on their way home, saw a spiraling flying object, emitting white light, that lasted approximately five to six minutes.

Airport Authority: No Airplane Landing or Taking-off at the Time

Witnesses had different beliefs about what they saw, with some claiming they were airplanes preparing to land and others guessing they were light beams.

The newspaper contacted the aviation department for clarification and got the response that Changchun was foggy and had a low visibility. All airplanes that were scheduled to land in Longjia Airport of Changchun had been instructed to change route and landed in Shenyang. No airplane could possibly fly in the sky over Changchun at the time when people reported seeing UFOs.

Weather Bureau: Against Thin Clouds, Reflection of Light Beam Not Possible

The person on duty at the Changchun Weather Bureau explained that the clouds were thin in Changchun city on Sept. 25 and the chance that a light beam would be reflected was next to zero. Besides, a UFO was spotted from locations distantly apart from one another, an effect that could not have been achieved through a reflection.

Specialist: UFO, Possibly a Flying Vehicle of Aliens

A senior expert on UFOs, after a careful study of the information and photos provided by witnesses, decided that the UFOs that recently appeared are real entities and probably come from places other than Earth. It could be a special flying vehicle belonging to intelligent beings from other planets, said Wang Sichao, a professor at Zijinshan Observatory in Nanjing.