UFO Sightings: NASA Astronaut on ISS Asked About UFOs, Aliens

December 8, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A NASA astronaut, Joseph Acaba, answered questions on a Spanish TV show, including one about UFOs. Bloggers claimed that he was evading the question.

According to UFO enthusiasts, Acaba purposefully dodged the question about whether he saw any UFOs while on the International Space Station, or ISS.

“It appears that he is asked about the UFOs seen on the live space station cam, but the astronaut seems be hesitating for a few seconds,” says UFO Sightings Daily.  “Also you can hear the people back on Earth applaud the person for asking the question. This was on a live broadcast on the ISS cam, so they were unable to edit the question out. I see from the flag his leg that he is from Puerto Rico, however I don’t see him on board the list of ISS current crew.”

Acaba was on ISS from May 17, 2012 until Sept. 17, 2012. Acaba’s parents are originally from Puerto Rico but he is from Southern California.

 The video was apparently shot in 2012, but as the Huffington Post notes, the question may have been lost in translation and he didn’t understand what was asked.

In the video, a person asks him, “Have you seen unidentified objects in space?”

He then laughs and asks: “Objects on earth?” He then adds: “I do not quite understand the question but … we can see the world from here and objects in space like Mars, the moon…”

UFO enthusiast websites often look at footage taken by the ISS and try to find “UFOs” captured on camera.

A few weeks ago, a circular white smudge was spotted, as seen below:

The red circle (added in) shows a "UFO" over the ISS, captured by NASA this month. (NASA stream)
The red circle (added in) shows a “UFO” over the ISS, captured by NASA this month. (NASA stream)

And this week, three alleged UFOs were spotted over Guadalajara, Mexico. 

Footage of the objects was uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 6.

The video shows the white objects moving around in the daytime before disappearing completely. The footage was taken over a brick building.

In recent months, a great deal of videos of alleged UFOs hovering in Mexico–including around volcanoes– have been posted online.