U.K. CoolBrands Top 20 List: Netflix and Instagram In; BBC and Twitter Out

September 22, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Netflix  and Instagram broke into the U.K. CoolBrands Top 20 list as BBC and Twitter dropped out.

Twitter had been on the list for the past three years.

Instagram debuted at No. 14 while Netflix came in at No. 10.

Apple remained on top of the list, followed by Aston Martin, Nike, Chanel, and Glastonbury.

Google, YouTube, Dom Perignon, Rolex, and Netflix rounded out the top 10.

Joining Instagram in the bottom half are Bang & Alufsen, ray-Ban, Alexander McQueen, Boe, Liberty, Selfridges, Sony, Virgin Atlantic, and Stella McCartney.

13 of those brands remained in the top 20 for consecutive years, including Chanel, Aston Martin, and Nike. Prada and Adidas are among the other brands that dropped out besides BBC iPlayer.

The list is voted for by 2,000 consumers and a panel of 37 “key influencers”, which this year included the models Sophie Dahl and Jodie Kidd and fashion designer Julien Macdonal, reported the Guardian.

“The idea that CoolBrands is about fads and short-term reputational success is ripped apart by the solid performance and dominance of regular top 20 brands such as Aston Martin, Chanel and Nike,” CoolBrands spokesman Stephen Cheliotis said.

“If anything, this year’s rankings illustrate that a solid reputation is hard to undermine or, in the case of rivals, overcome. That said, it was refreshing to see unique and original brands such as Instagram and Netflix join the top 20. Both have had an impact on the market, shaking up the status quo and forcing rivals to up the ante. Apple, however, continues to dominate the listing and remains untouchable for now.”


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