Two Women Die After Car Goes Into Pond, Named as Disabled Mother and Daughter

August 22, 2019 Updated: August 22, 2019

The two women who died after a car they were riding in crashed into a pond in Michigan on Aug. 22 were identified as a disabled mother and daughter.

The car went into a pond near a condominium complex, Saybrook Pointe Condominiums, in Waterford.

Police officials told Fox 2 that the two women were a mother and daughter. Both were disabled.

The car was being driven by an 83-year-old man who left the car running and went inside the complex. He left the transmission in drive and the vehicle rolled into the pond. The women were his wife, 81, and their daughter, 56.

Neighbors said the news was devastating.

“They’re gone,” neighbor Margo Davis told Fox 2. “Them being disabled, they could not get out of the water. It is not that deep here.”

“I’m mainly thinking about the dad,” added neighbor Phyllis Richman. “Every morning, rain or snow, he would come and get her.”

“This is the last thing we expected to wake up to today. She was a very sweet lady. God bless him. He’s got to be beside himself,” neighbor Richard Farrell told WXYZ.

“It’s just very sad .. losing both of them at the same time,” Davis added.

Police didn’t name the deceased women or the man but Lloyd Syron identified himself as the man while speaking with WXYZ.

He said that the hot weather led him to keep the car running with the air conditioning on while he ran inside to grab some laundry.

When he re-emerged, the car was in the pond.

He removed some of his clothing and leapt into the water, trying to break a window with a rock, but to no avail. He got back out of the water and flagged down a woman after about 10 minutes of trying to get help and she called 911.

Emergency workers got the women out of the vehicle but it was too late.

Syron said that his wife, Mary, was a mother of five and that his daughter, Maureen, was mother to an 18-year-old son.

Pontiac Country Club

According to the Oakland Press, Lloyd Syron co-owns the Pontiac Country Club.

Waterford Township Police Chief Scott Underwood told the paper that the vehicle was a blue 2019 Ford Escape that went down a small embankment before going into the pond.

The car became submerged.

The situation unfolded in the morning. Emergency responders responded just before 11 a.m.

Underwood said both women were taken to hospitals but died.

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