‘Twerk Mob’ Hits Texas Store: Teens Steal From Store as Others Seen Twerking

January 10, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A so-called twerk mob hit a Texas convenience store recently, with dozens of teenagers rushing into the store and grabbing candy, soda, and chips while others stood outside twerking.

The 30 to 40 teenagers overwhelmed Terry Polsgrove, the 19-year-old store clerk who was about to close down the Chevron Food Mart in Bryan, TX.

Teens began entering the store in swarms around 11:15 p.m. After one girl yelled ” ‘Hey, come on in and get it! They’re giving away free stuff!'” more came in, and they all started stealing anything they could get their hands on, Polsgrove told KBTX-TV.

“They started taking everything so I figured I’d shut the door and keep everyone separated, but as you can see I was overwhelmed,” Polsgrove said while viewing the surveillance footage. More than five security cameras caught everything that happened.

“It happened so fast, within a matter of 20 minutes I was being overwhelmed by kids ages eight to 17, I mean I was just shocked,” said Polsgrove.

One suspect even grabbed some beer, but dropped it before he left the store.

“I don’t know if it was planned or what, but it was crazy,” he said. Some of the teens told him that they were at a teen night at Club Nice across the street before rushing into the store.

After the teens left, he called the police. 

Kelly McKethan, spokesperson for the Bryan Police Department, told The Bryan Eagle that no charges have been filed. Police are investigating what happened, and could level charges of theft, criminal mischief, and organized criminal activity against those involved.

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