True Detective Season 2: Cast Could be Announced Sometime Later in the Month

The “True Detective” Season 2 cast could be announced by the end of the month, a report is saying.

The show’s creator, Nic Pizzolatto, gave a radio interview on “To the Best of Our Knowledge” via NPR, saying the show will start casting by the end of June.

There will be no reprised roles from Season 1, which featured Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as the main characters.

“The characters are all new, but I am deeply in love with all of them … We have the entire season broken out, and I have a couple of scripts, and we’ll probably start casting within the coming month,” Pizzolatto said in the interview.

Three leading actors will be featured in the show’s season 2, which will be set in California, he said.

Last season was set in Louisiana. “It takes place in California — not Los Angeles but some of the much lesser-known venues of California — and we’re going to try to capture a certain psychosphere ambiance of the place, much like we did in Season 1,” Pizzolatto said.

According to, a few more details have emerged about next season. Joaquin Phoenix, Christian Bale and Josh Brolin have been targeted, according to “unofficial breakdowns,” the website states.

Last week, it was reported that Jessica Chastain was offered a leading role in the second season.

The Nerdist website said she was offered the role but hasn’t accepted it.