Top 5 Beaches in the Philippines

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December 30, 2014 Updated: December 30, 2014

Holidays are the best time to relax and what better way to do so than by hitting the beach. Imagine yourself walking barefoot on the sand, looking at the panoramic view of the deep blue sea while listening to the sound of the waves kissing the shore. If you’re looking for the best spot, here are the top five beaches in the Philippines that are highly recommended for beach lovers like you.


Willy's rock on a beach at Boracay, Philippines via Shutterstock*
Willy’s rock on a beach at Boracay, Philippines via Shutterstock*

Boracay Islands is best known for its pearly white sand complemented by tropical trees around the area, with a glance of a blue sky and crystal clear water. Additionally, tourists love the place because of the resident’s warm hospitality. The island is also best for snorkeling.

Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera can be found in Mindoro Island which is very accessible with the 2-3 hour travel time from the Metropolitan area of the Philippines. Tourists can be drawn to this enticing beach for its simplest natural beauty that includes dozens of sheltered nooks, rare aquatic species and aged coral reefs.


Cadlao island, Palawan, Philippines via Shutterstock*
Cadlao island, Palawan, Philippines via Shutterstock*

Palawan beaches attract more tourists recently with the inclusion of the Underground River as one of the “The New Seven Wonders of Nature”. Palawan was also tagged as the “Last Frontier” of the Philippines for its refreshing virgin forest, amazing cliffs made of limestone, the splendid white sand beaches and the source of people’s excitement – fascinating diving spots.


Pagudpod Beach is comparable with the beaches in Hawaii with its awesome wave motion. It’s a 10-hour travel by land but you can also get there by plane. Wind and wave surfing are the two great fun activities in the area. Notwithstanding, you’ll fall in love with the picturesque mountains, hills, waterfalls, springs and valleys.


Bohol Island is a heavenly place that lies in heart of Visayas and probably about 700km away from Manila. You will surely enjoy the variety of water fun activities including those that requires going underwater. Its exclusive waterfront resorts along the seaside are also captivating interests of tourists.

When it comes to beaches, the Philippines have a lot to be proud of. Pick out the best place for you among these top five beaches in the Philippines for your holiday getaway.

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*Image of Cadlao island, Palawan, Philippines via Shutterstock

*Image of Willy’s rock on a beach at Boracay, Philippines via Shutterstock