Top 10 Shocking Moments in World Cup History

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July 14, 2014 Updated: July 14, 2014


#10. Frank Lampard’s Disallowed ‘Ghost Goal'(2010 World Cup South Africa)

Despite the ball clearly crossing the line, what would have been England’s equalizer against Germany was not given by the officials.

Following the fallout from the controversy, goal-line technology has now been introduced to the World Cup.

#9. Luis Suarez Biting Giorgio Chiellini(2014 World Cup Brazil)

The Uruguayan was banned for 9 games and 4 months from all football activity for what was believed to be the 3rd time he had bit another player.

#8. West Germany Beat Hungary – ‘The Miracle of Bern'(1954 World Cup Switzerland)

At 8 is West Germany beating overwhelming favorite Hungary to win the 1954 World Cup, in a game that has become known as the ‘Miracle of Bern’.

#7. Ronaldo and the 1998 World Cup Final(1998 World Cup France)

When the teams were announced for the game between Brazil and France, the world was shocked when Ronaldo was left off the team sheet, only to reappear just in time for kickoff.

The Brazilian star was a shadow of his former self as France beat the Southern Souths to win their first World Cup.

It later emerged that the Brazilian had suffered a seizure just hours before the match.

#6. Frank Rljkaard Spitting at Rudi Voller(1990 World Cup Italy)

When great rivals Holland and West Germany met in the 2nd round of Italia 90, a bad tempered game culminated in Rljkaard’s shocking act. Both players were sent off in the aftermath.

#5. Schumacher Knocking Out Battiston(1982 World Cup Switzerland) 

At #5 is the most notorious foul in World Cup history.

In the 1982 World Cup semifinals, Howard Schumacher brutally knocked Patrick Battiston unconscious, leaving the Frenchmen with a cracked vertebrae and two less teeth.

Incredibly, the referee didn’t even give a free kick.

#4. Uruguay Beat Brazil – ‘The Maracanazo'(1950 World Cup Brazil)

Brazil needed just a point to win a trophy, but in surely one of football’s biggest ever upsets, unfancy Uruguay silenced the Maracana by winning 2-1.

#3. Diego Maradona’s Hand of God(1986 World Cup Mexico)

At #3 is one of the most infamous moments in football history.

Five minutes into the second half of the 1986 World Cup Quarterfinals between Argentina and England, Maradona lept over Peter Shilton to score with his hand.

Somehow, the referee failed to see the infringement, awarding a goal, infuriating the England team.

#2. Zinedine Zidane Headbutting Marco Materazzi(2006 World Cup Germany)

After the Italian allegedly insulted Zidane’s family, the Frenchmen reacted furiously in a shocking end to his career.

Italy went on to win the World Cup, but the game will always be remembered for Zidane’s moments of madness.

#1. The Murder of Andres Escobar(1994 World Cup USA)

The Columbian defender was shot and killed in the aftermath of the 1994 World Cup, with Escobar’s own goal against the United States in part blame for his countries exit from the competition.

Just days later, Escober was shot six times, with his murder believed to be revenge by powerful drug lords who have bet large amounts of money on Columbia to qualify for the 2nd round.





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