Tila Tequila Gets Flak on Facebook After Pro-Nazi Posts

December 14, 2013 Updated: December 14, 2013

Tila Tequila, a former reality TV star and Myspace celebrity, has taken to posting theories about interstellar conspiracies, Paul Walker, and aliens, while extolling Nazism and Adolf Hitler.

According to reports, her Facebook posts about Hitler–showing her wearing a Nazi uniform–were deleted, but she took to her blog.

“I know I have been getting a ton of media backlash for being one of the few brave ones who dare speak the truth directly in and with conviction right in the eyes of the lying, dark cabal that is desperately trying to usher in their New World Order agenda! I promise you that I will continue to blast out these truths to the world in which the “ELITES” have tried for so long to hide from the masses,” she wrote.

She added that Hitler was a “true prophet” and the Nazis “gave [the] Rothschild bankers the boot,” referring to the elite banking family.

Tila later said that the Hitler, or “Hitila,” posting was satirical.

“It all started with a satire photo of some of my fans who made a Photoshop picture of me that says ‘all hail the queen,’ and unbeknownst to me, I didn’t realize it had a little subliminal message in there with a swastika on the hat or whatever. Anyways, that was not my intention. However, with the way I was being unjustly attacked by the, well, the New World Order Zionists, ok, because, first of all, I speak for the people. I am the only one with a platform that is not afraid to speak out for the people…,” she wrote.

But she also made postings about how she is the reincarnation of the Egyptian god Isis, how a descendant of an alien race, how she can travel through time, and how a day of reckoning is coming. She also claimed “Fast & Furious” actor Paul Walker was killed as part of a larger conspiracy.

She said Walker’s death was connected to Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old woman who was found dead under mysterious circumstances in Los Angeles.

“You see? I have never left you, My Love. No matter how much you hurt me or break my heart. I am still here, and have always been. I am She. She is I,” she wrote on Facebook, suggesting she is the incarnation of Isis.

Last year, the former reality TV star said that she was going to convert to Judiasm and learn Hebrew. Later in 2012, she survived a brain aneurysm.