Video: Elderly Man Struggles to Pay for Breakfast, but Watch as a Stranger Steps In

May 9, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

A video has surfaced online of the incredibly generous moment a man helps another elderly gentleman who is standing in the queue next to him in a local fast food restaurant by paying for his morning food and coffee after the elderly gentleman realizes he does not have enough money.

We watch as the man reaches over and pays for the old man’s items without a second thought and then returns to his own queue as if nothing has happened.

The man’s generosity doesn’t end there though as the green hoodie wearing man takes his change from the cashier and follows the old man to his seat. Once there he gives the destitute pensioner the money and pats him on the shoulder.

He then heads back towards his wife who is filming the encounter and asks, “Are you filming this?” To which his wife answers no in an obvious attempt to not embarrass him or his generosity.

The film continues as the man explains to his wife that the old gentleman is down to his last twenty bucks and that he was trying to pay for his meal with a bunch of coins he had saved up.

The man’s wife clearly in awe of her partner, tells him he’s amazing and a caption on screen points out that if the man had known she was filming he would have made her stop.

The video ends with the man and his wife receiving their own food and leaving the restaurant but not before heading back to the old man again and patting him on the back once more.

Video Credit: Melanie Langley