Theatergoer: Shen Yun is ‘Really, Absolutely Perfect’

February 2, 2018

Stan Ratycz:

“This performance was really, absolutely perfect, especially the beautiful music, beautiful uniforms. They’re very, very talented. Absolutely beautiful pictures, colors. I will recommend it to everybody to go see it.”

“Many years ago, we both traveled to China. We saw the whole picture over there, the Great Wall, and [other performances] also, but this kind … it was passion and spirit, that’s how I would call it. It was completely different.”

“[Shen Yun] is a 10.”

Margaret Zajdel:

“I loved the show. I loved the colors, I loved the choreography, and the dancers—it’s amazing how synchronized they were, and were able to maintain the performance throughout.”

“I was surprised how insecure the government is about the religion and the people trying to practice, of what people are made of. It’s the flesh and the spirit that we have. Regardless of how you call whatever organized religion you pick, we are still the same spirit and flesh.”

“So it was surprising that China today would not allow just the basic human following of higher beings that we all need to survive in our [daily lives]. And we’re not talking about extremes, we’re not talking about terrorists. Just the basic need.”

“It’s good that people get together and try to show—not the Chinese product that we buy in the store—but the people, the true soul behind the thousands of years, and the tradition that Chinese culture offers.”

“Most of us really, in the Western culture, know very little, and what we know is not exactly, oftentimes, positive, and so shows like this introduce us to the real spirituality behind that nation.”