The Walking Dead Season 5 Spoilers: Christine Woods ID’d as Female Cop Slapping Beth in New Trailer

The actress seen slapping Beth while dressed as a police officer in the new trailer for The Walking Dead season 5 has been identified as Christine Woods.

Woods is known for her roles in the television series Hello Ladies, Go On, Perfect Couples, and FlashForward.

Executive producer Gail Anne Hurd confirmed that the woman is Woods, reported the blog Dread Central.

There were no concrete details given about the situation that Beth finds herself in, which appears from the footage in the trailer to be a hostage type-situation (the part with Beth starts at 2:38).

Beth is at a hospital but it’s unclear whether the people who kidnapped her and took her there are evil or good. Some are speculating that the hospital is part of the Alexandria Safe Zone, an area that is part of the comic series.

Many fans are wondering about Beth, and Hurd promised answers at Comic-Con, reported the NY Daily News.

She is out there … questions of how she got where she is will be answered,” said Hurd. 

Emily Kinney said that she’d like to see Darryl and Beth reunited and develop their relationship further, possibly into a romantic one.

“I hope so,” said the actress.

“I think they definitely have a certain connection that has grown from surviving together. They have gotten to know each other on a different level that’s really special, whether its friendship or something else. It’s a deeper relationship.”

As for other guest stars, Hurd said that Denise Crosby (Mary) will be back as one of the Terminus residents while confirming that Seth Gilliam will be Father Gabriel from the comics. Season 5 is set to premiere on October 12.

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