The Traits That Ladies Men and Great Sales People Have

December 10, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

One may look at this title and think that it is just some story that doesn’t have much credibility. This being said, in the vast years that I spent in sales, there are very few types of people that are as comparable to ladies men and sales people. This does not mean that this comparison just has to do with salesmen but rather all people who are proficient in selling have some of these qualities regardless of sex.


This goes without saying in most circumstances being confident is important. A ladies man knows the perfect level of confidence to exude in a certain situation, too much confidence then you will be seen as arrogant and lose the attention of the girl. In the same fashion, a confident salesperson knows when to pull back on confidence because they have the sale in the bag. Most people do not like knowing they are being sold something so walking a thin line of confident and overconfidence is important. If a salesperson is not confident this can impact the customer in a couple of ways. The customer might start to think that their business isn’t important to the salesperson or that the person isn’t confident in the product.


Being enthusiastic can make even the worst situations look a bit better. This is also a characteristic that is very contagious and being enthusiastic takes a certain level of confidence in yourself. Most times whether you are selling a product or trying to pick up a person to date the circumstances might not be ideal. Harping on the negative circumstances or not having enthusiasm for a product that might not be the most exciting can cost you a sale very quickly. If you cannot get enthusiastic about a product you are selling, pretending can work just as well. If you cannot get excited about the product, your goal is to get the prospective buy to be enthusiastic.

Can Read People

Whether you are a salesperson or somebody at a bar trying to talk to a pretty girl, being able to read people is a great tool to have. The body language of a person at a conference will be much like somebody at a local watering hole. If the person wants to be talked to or sold on something you will be able to see this almost immediately. Misreading the situation when it comes to selling things whether it be impressing a girl or client can end up in rejection for both. Tone of voice is generally a good indicator of whether or not you should dive into your pitch. Body language is very easy to read and if the person is shying away from you and not looking you in the eye, they want to terminate the conversation as quickly as possible.

As you can see, the ladies man can help teach a salesperson who to read people, be enthusiastic about the most mundane of circumstances, and have confidence that breeds confidence. A great tool to learn some of these tricks is Vin DiCarlo Pandoras Box which by reading you not only will help yourself with the opposite sex but also in your sales game.