The scarcity of available parking spaces in large cities

November 6, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

The population numbers are escalating every year

Millions of people are calling New York City their home but it’s no longer an easy matter to go shopping in the city because of the severe struggle just to find parking space can completely ruin your shopping experience. And like we all know when the demand increases so does the cost and that make parking spaces in New York among some of the most expensive on the planet. If you do want to follow that route and if you could get hold of an available parking space then the experts suggest that you leave your car in the same parking space for the entire day and then rather make use of the excellent subway rail system. This will ultimately save you more time than to drive from location to location and having to search for a new parking all over again. Because of the rising population numbers it is expected that this situation will only get worse with every New Year.

What about the option of purchasing your parking lot

I recently saw an article in the telegraph that was telling how people are paying up to $1 million for a parking lot. After spending all that money the best you will get is a 99 year lease after which you have to surrender the ownership to that lot. By that time it will probably sell for $50 million as the new generation are lining up for parking spaces. The reality is that this is the same situation which is encounter in most major metropolitan cities all over the planet. The same is true for large cities in the third world countries like for instance Johannesburg and Pretoria in South Africa and also Nairobi and Cairo. It seems that the planet is bursting out of its own seems and that it’s struggling to cope with the pressure which is placed upon it by the growing population.

How to properly maintain such a parking lot

Even though people might reason that it is only a parking lot they are still a substantial amount of things which has to be done in order to maintain such a spot. How to organize your parking lot properly can be a constant concern which is weighing on the minds of parking lot owners. There should be at least some labor force to pick up all the paper and other refuse which are getting blown into that area. Then you also get some older cars which are stored in your parking lot and are leaking oil onto your paving and this can be a very big frustration because it can be extremely difficult to get rid of all those oil stains since that oil will soak into the pavement making it very difficult to remove.Parking lot owners can now relax since a solution has been found. Remove oil stains from driveway with Terminator-HSD a revolutionary new technology which are claiming to deal with any type of oil spill in a very short time. Several parking lot owners and also owners of security complexes have used this product and have reported amazing results.