The Flash-Arrow Crossover: Felicity Smoak in Episode 4 of Flash; Bigger Crossover in Episode 8 of Both Shows

The Flash and Arrow will be having a number of crossover episodes in the coming seasons, including at least two in the upcoming seasons for each show (one and three, respectively).

Episode 4 of The Flash will feature Felicity Smoak giving some much needed advice to Barry and his team.

“It’s an episode where Barry’s beginning to question his teammates, and Felicity coming along is not just to reconnect with him; it actually serves a grander purpose, which is that Felicity is somebody who knows how difficult it is to have teammates who are fighting crime,” said executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, reported Comic Book Movie.

“So, she’s there to offer some sage advice, both to Barry and to to Caitlin, Cisco, and Wells. So we’re really excited.”

Grant Gustin (The Flash) added to TV Fanatic that Felicity and Barry seem to have feelings for each other still but nothing will happen in the episode.

“It will touch on the romantic side but just like Oliver can’t really be available right now to her, I can’t really either and for other reasons,” he said.

“Unlike Oliver, I am in love with somebody else. Now I think it’s even more apparent to me because Iris is with Eddie. Seeing her with him makes me realize I don’t just have feelings of friendship. I have much deeper feelings.”

Meanwhile, the bigger crossover will come in episode 8 of both shows.

Kreisberg told Entertainment Weekly:

“It’s really going to be an adventure with the Arrow and Flash on both episodes. Watching the two teams come together and fight alongside each other, it’s one of the most fun parts.

“We just don’t believe in waiting. We really believe in accelerated storytelling and especially for those first nine episodes of the season—for both shows—hopefully we’ve designed it so that none of these [make you say], ‘Well, I missed that one, it’s fine.'”

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