The Changing Landscape of the Digital Media Agency

By James Richings
James Richings
James Richings
James Richings is a 26 year old writer and blogger from the United Kingdom. He loves to write about his passions and hopes his interests, interest you also!
September 12, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

Going back just five years, the internet landscape was quite different. Those that were looking to improve their presence on the web could focus on maybe a simplified web design and a single Facebook page, but those days are over. There are many do’s and dont’s and with recent changes, digital marketing agencies have more factors to juggle than ever in order to stay competitive. Here is a look at six tips to consider that could make all the difference in the success of your own company.

1. Demonstrate Passion for the Industry
Digital Passion
There will never be a short supply of agencies looking to bring in business, and many of them struggle with one major problem: apathy. While an eye-catching website will go a long way towards attracting new clients, modern customers are well-educated and ready to scrutinize the philosophies of anyone they are considering hiring. In any manner possible, agencies should exemplify their passion for the industry including a focus on all up-to-date tools, services, and strategies. You need to really sell up your love for the industry Geeks Chicago are a great example of the way their digital marketing company in Chicago plays up to their love of being digital geeks who love they technology and will make it simple for you to understand whist they go to work and gain you new targeted business from the internet. Very cool funny and effective at making a client at ease and portraying passion.

2. Maintain Diversified Clients

2012 iCrossing Client Summit:  Connectedness Gets Personal

Having a diversified and proven portfolio with loyal clients is one of the single most important steps for any digital marketing agency. Not only does this prove that the company has a good knowledge of the industry in general, it also means that they are dedicated to satisfaction. No company is going to be able to extend their experience to every industry out there, but keeping at least a handful of clients from various sectors could make or break a future sale. 

3. Make Communication a Priority

Communication is the key

When clients shy away from a digital advertising agency or go out of their way to cancel their contract, many are going to cite lack of communication as a major issue. Not only is web development and optimization a confusing industry, many business owners are actually unsure of what they need and what it will do for them in a tangible manner. Whatever the manner of communication may be, it is important that every client understands it from the start.

4. Constantly Reevaluate Your Services

re evaluate your services

This industry is changing at an alarming rate, and something that worked a year ago or even a few months back may no longer be effective. Each agency may offer basic services such as web design or social media management, but it is important to continuously research what is producing results, what customers want, and what can be avoided in future campaigns to save on expenses.

5. Localization

local business

Focusing one’s resources on geographically-specific information is the name of the game for many agencies, but there are still quite a few that are more interested in globalized campaigns. This is another situation in which communication with the client will become invaluable as well as a focus on the metrics within the industry, each of which will help the agency and their clients produce the desired results. 

6. Organizing and Presenting Data 


The manner in which data is portrayed within the company and to clients can be just as important as the frequency of communication. Different departments or customers in a different industry are often at a loss when it comes to the nuances of digital marketing, and this is why a precedence should be set to make this type of information accessible to anyone that needs it over the years.
James Richings is a 26 year old writer and blogger from the United Kingdom. He loves to write about his passions and hopes his interests, interest you also!