The Castle Doctrine Game Download 50 Percent Off Until Jan 29 Release Date

January 26, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

“The Castle Doctrine” game download is 50 percent off in its alpha version leading up to the January 29 launch on Steam.

Every alpha player gets a free Steam key.

The final price of the game will be $16; it is currently $8, and will be $12 during the launch week.

In the game, players build and protect houses with traps and security systems–in the multiplayer version, players can steal from each other.

There’s a contest in the game right now which runs until 8 p.m ET January 27. Whatever money players have in the game will be converted into real dollars and paid to them. “Steal more, win more,” according to game developer Jason Rohrer.

The conversion rate is $694 in-game money to $1 real money.

In addition, players can steal real stuff. The top eight players will be able to convert their favorite in-game painting into a real painting–if they have the painting in their possession at the contest deadline. And there are prizes for the top eight–first prize is a dog club, second prize is a door security tool, and third prize is a custom cartridge shopping spree.

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