The Bachelor 2015? Reality Steve, Emily Maynard Say It Will Be Chris Soules (+Contestants Info)

The Bachelorette 2014 is wrapping up and people are starting to look forward to the next season of the Bachelor.

The linked shows alternate, so the next season of the Bachelor will take place, then the next season of the Bachelorette.

The person for each show is picked from the other show.

Blogger Reality Steve and former Bachelorette Emily Maynard both believe that Chris Soules will be the next Bachelor.

“Who knew there were guys like Chris hiding out in the corn fields of Iowa? How does he know how to dress so well? Also, can I come over and drink wine with your sisters?” Maynard said in a recent blog post.

 “Chris’s family was so sweet and so much fun, but I’m not sure I can see Andi ending up in Iowa. If not, I think every girl in America will be signing up to be on the next season of The Bachelor in hopes of meeting Chris!”

Reality Steve, who is pretty solid with insider knowledge regarding both shows, says that Soules will likely be the next Bachelor.

“All you pretty much need to do is read Chris Harrison’s ‘5 Guys to Watch’ and know he’s already pumping up America for good ol’ country boy millionaire, Chris Soules. Not too hard to figure it out. Just like I said with Andi before Juan Pablo’s season started, I’ll say the same thing with Chris: this is his gig if he wants it,” he said.

“Sure the show will do their song and dance and ask their audience who they’d like, who are their favorites, and they’ll talk about what a tough decision they have. It’ll all be just to drum up interest in the franchise. It’s Chris’ gig to lose. So any ladies thinking of applying next for next season, or have already made it through any rounds of casting, pay attention to him during Andi’s season because that’s most likely gonna be your guy.”

Meanwhile, ABC is already accepting applications for the next season.

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