That Time King Abdullah II Appeared on Star Trek

February 5, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

King Abdullah II, the ruler of Jordan, has made headlines this week after he said he would retaliate against the Islamic State, or ISIS, after the terrorist organization released a horrific execution video of a Jordanian pilot.

But Abdullah has described himself as a big fan of “Star Trek,” and he appeared on “Star Trek: Voyager” during the episode “Investigations” in 1996. He appeared on the show as an uncredited sciences division officer when he was merely Prince Abdullah. He doesn’t say anything. 

He said of his experience in 2011: “I was then told well if you want go through makeup and get into uniform and have some pictures taken with some of the crew and I said why not. Then the next thing, when I actually showed up, they said that if you want you can stand in. So it wasn’t planned it just turned out that way. I had a great time. It’s a job–I am in full admiration of actors because it is very difficult. They are in very early in the morning. For most of the aliens it’s is three or four hours of make-up and it’s hard work and one that I’m full of admiration that they can do,” according to The Wire.

A few years ago, it was reported that Abdullah was looking to build a Star Trek theme park in Jordan.