Texas Murder Suspect Illegally Crossed Border Into Manitoba, RCMP Say

By The Canadian Press
The Canadian Press
The Canadian Press
July 9, 2019 Updated: July 9, 2019

A man accused of murder in Texas is believed to be in Canada after illegally crossing the border into Manitoba, Canadian and American law enforcement officials say.

Derek Whisenand, 27, had been evading police in the United States and crossed into Canada near Haskett, MB., sometime during the week of June 24, Manitoba RCMP said.

He then travelled to Winnipeg and may now be in Eastern Canada, the RCMP said in a news release Tuesday.

Paul Podhradsky, chief deputy of the Cavalier County Sheriff’s Department in North Dakota, said Whisenand’s vehicle was found in the state about three kilometres from the Canadian border.

“We were able to locate tracks around his vehicle and we were able to see that he walked across the border,” Podhradsky said.

“It is believed he was then picked up by an individual, who ended up giving him a ride to Winnipeg.”

Podhradsky said Whisenand is a homicide suspect in Eastland County, Texas, which is about 170 kilometres southwest of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Investigators believe he does not have any ties to Canada.

The Eastland County Sheriff’s Office was not immediately able to provide information on the case.

Police warn that Whisenand may be armed and that he is considered dangerous.

The Canadian Press
The Canadian Press