Teen Girls Add Edward Snowden to Twitter Group Chat Without Knowing Who He Is

April 15, 2016 Updated: April 15, 2016

Edward Snowden and a few other people were randomly added to a Twitter DM chat with several teenage girls.

Snowden—the former CIA employee who leaked classified information from the National Security Agency and is wanted by the U.S. government—as well as writer Dave Lozo, LSU football coach Les Miles, publication The New Yorker, and Robert James Hamilton were invited to the DM chat, according to Mic.com.

One of the teens described Snowden as a “CIA agent and scammer.”

Snowden asked the teens a few questions, including, “Where do you go for news?”

They asked him if he prefers “Edward or Mr. Snowden,” and he replied: “I go by Ed. Not a big fan of formality.”

Before he left, he wrote: “Hahaha. You guys are the best, but yeah. The FBI does have a warrant on me, so you might not want to include me in your DMs unless you want them to have copies of them. Stay free out there.”