Technology reviewers and Virtual PBX Systems dominates the opening of ICTexpo 2015

April 22, 2015 Updated: April 23, 2016

Helsinki, Finland (22 Apr 2015); –   More than ten hours ago, one of Europe’s largest ICT trade show opens up its doors in Helsinki, to more than 2000 industry professionals, who are desperately seeking technological advancements for their respect telecommunications systems.

Now in its sixth year, the globally respected event usually attracts some of the world’s leading telecommunications firms who clamor to have first hand insights into new ICT developments or examine new trends at the many associated conferences.
Having gained an excellent reputation over the years, the event has evolved into a mainstream forum for both decision makers and product manufacturers within the ICT industry.

But this year, the opening day seems to be dominated by both small and medium size companies seeking to downsize their telecommunications operational costs via virtual telecommunication systems.

To the media fraternity, it was obvious that decision makers are clinging more to telecommunication advisers and reviewers rather than taking the direct words of the product distributors themselves.

“Everyone seems to be recommending their products and services simply because they manufactures or distributes it. Hence we are turning to product reviewers and industry analysts to tell us the fact from fiction” says Marian Gillard, a communications executive from Canada.

Not seemed to be bothered about whether we got her point or not she hurried over to the service section of the exhibition and joined seven other grey suited executives discussing the services provided by a Virtual PBX service provider.

We cast our eyes upon the group as they paid keen attention to a seemingly in control young marketing executive at a booth branded Virtually Hosted PBX, as she tried to assure the clique that her company can better advise them on the best solution for their PBX telecommunication challenges.

In a subsequent interview, she reiterated that most of the queries were center around the virtual phone systems reviews that her company provides as a service.

A few yards away from her, another saleswoman from the Integrated Telecom Company, swipes her fingers across a large touch screen to make her point to three attentive decision makers.

Walking further down the well decorated Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Center, the trend seemed to be the same, as industry insiders seemed more fixed on the advises of ICT analysts and virtual telecommunication service providers, probably in a bid to improve the sanity of their decisions.

But whatever the case may be, the people that seem to be gaining most of the attention this time around at ICTexpo, are the telecommunications technology reviewers and competing range of companies pressing industry executives about the need to switch to their respective Virtual PBX Systems.

The event which is organized by the Easy Fairs Group is described as the largest professional IT-show in the Nordics, and one of the largest in Europe.

It comes to an end tomorrow (23 April, 2015).