TaskRabbit: New Part-Time Job for the Idlers

By Helena Zhu
Helena Zhu
Helena Zhu
August 5, 2010 Updated: September 29, 2015

[youtube]XyVMycUnbzA[/youtube]TaskRabbit, a new online service for connecting those with needs and those with service, is offering quick jobs and quick cash to its users, as millions of jobs have been lost since the economic downturn.

Some 440 runners have signed up on taskrabbit.com to run errands for those who do not have the time. Jobs can range from walking the dog, picking up groceries or laundry, and organizing closets, to moving a fridge from the basement into the car. Each task is paid according to a mutually agreed upon fee.

“Call me a hybrid—sometimes time is on my side, while other times it isn't. This is a great service when you need your own ‘network’ or when trying to fill some idle hours,” a runner in Boston, Jason G described himself in his profile.

Whenever a user wants a task done, he or she can sign in and post a task with description and price. A runner will then take the task and either accept the price or counter it with another price.

Once the task is complete and the fee is paid, the user can rate the runner by indicated level of satisfaction.

A typical task costs between $7 and $15, according to the service networking website.

The runners range from unemployed to employed individuals with free time, including teachers, students, swim coaches, ice skaters, and travel directors.

The service is now most prominent in Boston and San Francisco.

Helena Zhu