Swirling Done Right: When the Blank Guitar Is Taken out of Water, It Has GORGEOUS Pattern

April 23, 2019 Updated: April 23, 2019

There are many videos out there that shows a concept known as Water Marbling. This is where you take something like a controller, a helmet, a guitar, or anything you want, and give it a set of unique and psychedelic shapes and stripes that make it look pretty and retro.

This is often done by putting nail polish or some other waterproof varnish into water, switching between colors to give it a pattern in a look. Often, the colors are stirred in order to give it more lines. The object is then slowly added into the water, making sure that the varnish makes it onto every inch of the product, giving it a clean and unique look.

After this is done, the excess is swept away, and the product is taken out of the water and air dried. This can then have a clear coat added to it for a more shiny effect, and also to help protect the marbled look of the product. This can help the product to protect against being tarnished for a long time.

This video shows this happening with a guitar, a helmet, and another product. The process itself is so mesmerizing that it is of no surprise why so many people watch these videos. It is a way to pass time as well as feel good in the process.

So maybe next time you are feeling board, maybe try to do this with something that you enjoy. A lot of people have decided to use this trick in order to make unique and fascinating nail art, making their nails look like a professionally done conversation piece. All it takes is some practice and you will be able to make some marbled art in no time at all!