SUNY Board OK’s Fortis Purchase of LICH

By Catherine Yang, Epoch Times

The State University of New York Board of Trustees voteded unanimously Wednesday to authorize the final agreement to sell Fortis Property Group the Long Island College Hospital site.

“As we move toward a conclusion of the sale, health services will continue uninterrupted and increase over time.,” stated Board Chairman Carl McCall.

SUNY will continue to maintain the walk-in Emergency Room services until NYU Langone Medical Center, Fortis’ medical partner, takes over around Sept. 1. SUNY was supposed to have been able to step away from LICH May 22, but negotiations with previous bidders fell through. Fortis will cover the costs of  SUNY operating at the location during the interim period.

According to the agreement, Fortis has committed to building a primary medical facility subject to a 20-year restriction for medical use. Construction will take about 36 months.

Fortis will not provide a full service hospital, but instead have an ambulatory surgery center, observation beds, and primary and specialty care. It will establish a task force to assess the medical needs based on the patients they see on an on-going basis and make changes to services as needed.