Summer Racing About to Start

Yachting—Summer Series
By Bill Cox, Epoch Times
June 2, 2016 Updated: June 2, 2016

HOING KONG—The Hebe Haven Yacht Clubs summer series of yacht racing opens this coming Sunday June 5 with the first race of the Typhoon Series 2016. This 9 race series takes place in and around Port Shelter but also includes island races and a trip to Mirs Bay (Wong Shek) in the Sai Kung East Country Park. Race days take place on alternate Sundays going through to Aug 17, 2016.

Another HHYC Summer series, the 9 race Summer Saturday Series 2016 starts on June 11 and takes place on interleaving Saturdays through to Aug 5.

Hebe Haven, a major centre for summer yacht racing has events going through to the Port Shelter Regatta on Oct 1-2.