Strike Threatens British Airways, Again

May 11, 2010 Updated: May 11, 2010

A recession, a seven-day personnel strike costing tens of millions of pounds, and volcanic ash clouds keeping planes on the ground, were not the last troubles British Airways (BA) has had to face.

Labor union Unite, representing 90 percent of cabin crew called for yet another strike Monday. Twenty days during May and June were proposed for the strike, after BA rejected the union’s rapprochement attempt over the weekend.

According to AP, last Friday union members denounced an offer by BA as travel premiums were not returned to striking staff and members disagreed with disciplinary measures against at least 50 union members.

“Cabin staff has no other choice but to strike,” Unite's Secretary-General Tony Woodley said.

BA says the rejected offer was “very reasonable” and they see no justification for the decision to call another strike. Such a long strike would cause disturbances for hundreds of thousands of clients, BA said.

BA is already negotiating to lease planes and sell seats to thousands of travelers, it said in a statement, confident that many employees will reject the call to strike.