Sons of Anarchy Prequel Show: Only One Season If It Happens, Kurt Sutter Says

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter says that a prequel show could still happen.

“We’re still having serious discussions about that,” Sutter told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour.

If it does happen, then the show will likely be only one season.

“If I do the prequel, it will probably be a one-off,” Sutter said, suggesting a 10-episode miniseries model, reported Entertainment Weekly.

“I don’t think it’s a full blown five-season series.”

Sutter previously said that he loves the idea of doing an origin story, even if it’s a standalone 12-episode thing.

“I love the idea of doing a period piece. It definitely would have different energy, it would be a different kind of show, but I think the real fans would plug into it,” he said last year, reported THR.

“We would probably want to rest the mythology for a season or two, meaning that I don’t think we would end “Sons” and begin the prequel,” he added. “I think we would let it breathe for a couple years.”

Sutter told People magazine, also last year, that FX is open to the idea.

“I think there is something really interesting about the origins of the club. And to do a period piece set in the ’60s, post-Vietnam could be kind of cool,” he said.

“I don’t think we would dovetail and start right after the series ended, but it’s something I’m potentially excited about it.”

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